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As I made a review on the Yamaha DGX 640 on my last post, I was very aware that the newer model of DGX is released to the market this year.  So, I like to take this opportunity to post my Yamaha DGX 650 review here.

Yamaha DGX 640 vs Yamaha DGX 650

On the appearance wise, the Yamaha DGX 650 comes in black with rosewood side panel or spotlight white finish; its previous mode 640 comes with finish of cherry and walnut.  The model 650 is about 2kg heavier than 640 (including the keyboard stand).  This is probably mainly due to the material it uses, I suspect. However, I could not feel any construction difference between these 2 models; though, DGX-650 seems to be a bit more refined on the side of body.  What makes these 2 model different is that the DGX-650 delivers full 128-note polyphony, twice as much as the previous DGX-640 model, as well as more Voices (543 vs 535) and Styles (195 vs 165).

What I like the most about Yamaha DGX 650:

Yamaha DGX 650 Review

The interesting and unique features of Yamaha DGX 650 has played an important role behind its popularity. It is equipped with an 88 key weighted GHS action key bed, which provides a lighter touch in the high end along with a heavier touch in the low end. A drop-out free performance is given through the 128 note polyphony, even when you are playing two handed sustained chords and layering two voices while pedalling heavily.  This new model uses PureCF sound engine, which makes its sound quality a top notch.

The performance features of this model are also impressive because it consists of a pair of amplifiers and four different speakers. When combined, they have the potential to provide a realistic sound output of an acoustic piano. You can connect third party audio sources to this through the auxiliary input. For example, you can connect an external music player and play its sound through its high quality speakers. This becomes useful when playing over backing tracks because it will create a piano karaoke system.

Other enhancements of Yamaha DGX 650 include a smart chord that creates chords from simple pop triads to complex jazz chords with just a single finger. The remaining accompaniment styles are created through a virtual band to assist this. You can get a complete list of the recommended styles from the Style Recommender function. You can use them to play a drum part, piano part or a simply rhythm according to the way you want. Or you can record music in WAV format and store them in a USB storage device. If you prefer MIDI tones, you can create them as well. Yamaha has maintained their excellent sound quality in this digital piano as well.

My Least Favourite Aspect of the Yamaha DGX 650:

What I really want to see improvement on the new Yamaha DGX 650 model is that I wish the LED display on the keyboard can be larger.  Also, while the finish body of this keyboard unit feels solid and looks more refined compared to its previous model, there is the occasional minor squeaking sound.  So please ensure your piano keyboard is stably situated on the ground.  Finally my wishful thinking is that Yamaha should include the 3-pedal setup or include some XG songs files that are sold from Yamaha MusicSoft to be packaged a the basic unit price.

Yamaha DGX 650 - Yamaha DGX 650 Review

Yamaha DGX 650 in White


You can get your hands on the Yamaha Education Suite. It can be considered as a detailed guide on how to master the digital piano. The most notable feature of Yamaha Education Suite is that it will assist you to break down songs into individual components and master them in a professional manner.  This is a perfect learning tool for any beginner who is starting piano lessons. This model is loaded with a wide variety of interactive features which makes playing, sharing and learning music fun for everyone.

The model comes with an external power supply, music rest, sustain pedal, a matching stand and 3 year warranty.  The keyboard can be transposed an octave down or up with the help of metronome. Even though it is a digital piano keyboard, you can still get the same sound quality, which you can get from a grand piano.  It is marked at an affordable price and the benefits you get by purchasing it are totally worth. To conclude my Yamaha DGX 650 review, I highly recommend this model to any music novices and enthusiasts.

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